Råg I Ryggen (ALT006)

From the country that brought you the security belt, here comes a hell of a loud record that will help you forget how hard you are stepping on the gas pedal. Widely regarded as a milestone in Swedish hard-rock history, Råg I Ryggen is the homonymous debut album released by […]


Agustín Pereyra Lucena – Brasiliana (ALT005)

“I think I have never met anybody, with the exception of Brazilian guitarists Baden Powell and Toquinho, as connected to his instrument as Agustín Pereyra Lucena” – Vinicius de Moraes   The words by Bossa Nova’s seminal poet Vinicius seem fit as a good introduction to Agustín Pereyra Lucena, the […]

Téo Azevedo – Grito Selvagem (ALT004)

  Released in 1974, Téo Azevedo’s first album Grito Selvagem (“Wild Shout”) is an irresistible blend of soul and rock with an unmistakable Brazilian character. As many other lost gems of time past, the album found little commercial success, and still during the 70s Téo turned forever to the true […]

The Bogeymen – Introducing… (ALT003)

  Reissue of cult album from 1994, originally released on CD only, now available on vinyl for the first time. 12 slices of raw garage and Rhythm&Blues, totally english-sounding — these frenchmen knew what they were doing!! A constant kick of adrenaline since my teenage years. Why this was only […]


  Debut album by outstanding psych outfit from Israel — TREE formed out in the countryside, growing up in a Kibbutz. Drinking directly from the magic potion of the 60s US West Coast without forgetting their Middle Eastern roots, TREE move crowds in their native land where they’ve supported legends […]

Afrodyssey Orchestra – In the Land of Aou Tila (ALT001)

  Afrodyssey Orchestra are an instrumental ensemble from Athens, Greece, comprising seven established musicians of diverse musical backgrounds. They came together through a series of musical journeys over the years — and officially as Afrodyssey Orchestra from 2013. The band’s influences span Jazz, Funk, Psychedelic, traditional West African dance music […]