Altercat is a small, independent record label based in Berlin. A one-man orchestra.

What do we release?

Anything we like! Because that’s the fun of having your own label, right? Although we must confess our passion for sounds from the past, our ears are wide open.

We pay attention to detail and produce high-quality releases. Beautiful artwork with top sound quality; our records are great to listen but they also feel great on your hands. For those of you fully into the digital age, we also try to offer a free Digital Download so you can enjoy the music anywhere, be it on your turntable or on your phone / iPod.

We work closely with the artists to ensure their musical recordings match their expectations and that they receive all royalties deserved from their musical work.

What does ‘altercat’ mean?

Altercat, in the Catalan language, is an ‘altercation’. Eine Auseinandersetzung. A heated or angry dispute; noisy argument or controversy — a quarrel, a clash.